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Issues in build window after manually sshing to build machine there

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Look for se_build_window_issue.tgz in support and see the README file as well as the other files.

Try turning on "Show VSLICKERRORPATH in build window" (Tools>Options>.Editing>General).  So far, all I can tell is that this is messing up the cursor location. I'm still looking into this.

Changing this option won't effect catting this log file. Your logfile already has output based on hiding the VSLICKERRORPATH.

I have found a bug that can occur if you hide certain build window lines like VSLICKERRORPATH. This will be fixed in 26.0.1. It's rare but your example is the perfect test case for it. Thanks

I'm not sure if this is the only problem you are hitting. After you turn on "Show VSLICKERRORPATH in the build window", post if you are still having any problems.

Setting "Show VSLICKERRPATH in build window" seems to resolve the issue so far, haven't seen the issues again. I'll keep using this setting and see if anything new pops up.


It happened again this time with "Show VSLICKERRPATH" set to "ON".

Look for logbug.tgz on support. See the README file there for more information about the 2 different log files I provided.


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