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Diff: Making it easy to ignore spaces
« on: November 04, 2021, 05:30:54 PM »
It is too hard to toggle between ignoring whitespace and not in Diff.
There are 7 (!!) check boxes I have to toggle.

I can either just toggle them all, or I have to sit there and think about each one to understand what it does.

Even worse -- how do the various whitespace ignore options interact with "Source Diff" ??

Adding an extra checkbox and nesting them a little?
For example:
  • (*) Compare files exactly
    •    (*) Skip comments at the beginning of the file
    •    (*) white space changes
      •       (*) Expand tabs into spaces before comparing
      •       (*) Ignore leading spaces before text on each line
      •       (*) Ignore trailing spaces after text on each line
      •       (*) Ignore all spaces in file
      •       (*) Do not compare newline characters

So, I could then just toggle "Compare files exactly" on and off - one checkbox to rule them all.

Even better though would be a setup like "Match Color" in Big Diff: This would allow me to effectively save the 3 or 4 (out of 256 or so) combinations of these checkboxes that I find useful.

Ideally, there would also be a checkbox in the side-by-side diff window for "Compare files exactly" - allowing me to quickly compare verbatim  vs ignoring whitespace.