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Diff timeout and hang


I'm trying to Diff 2 4MB XML files.
I changed XML to "Plain Text" in Slickedit to avoid time spent coloring.

When I diff the two files, it takes awhile, then I get a Diff Failed - Timeout dialog.
I click OK, and the DiffProgress dialog remains - slickedit is now *appears* stuck at this point.

Turns out, it is not stuck -- it just forgets to close the DiffProgress dialog.
It stays around until I close Slickedit.

I'll take a look at the progress dialog issue.

Any chance you can send me those files?  Are they very different?  Two 4MB text files shouldn't time out.  You can up that time out limit in the Options tab of the diff dialog.

I'll see about sending them to you.
Adjusting the timeout does fix the problem, though doing the diff is still pretty slow.

There are lots of little differences, unfortunately.
I'm trying to build and verify a powershell help file, but the round trip between the xml(maml) and markdown files isn't very deterministic. The tools I'm using seem to introduce a lot of noise due to line wrapping and rearranging things. (Its almost as if the tool uses hash tables in memory and doesn't deterministically sort before serializing.)

I'd really like a diff tool that is very XML aware, and not just comparing text.
Sort of like source-diff, but also able to ignore insignificant reordering.

I'd like to avoid writing my own tool, but I will probably end up doing this.

Were you using source diff on these files?

--- Quote from: jporkkahtc on November 26, 2021, 07:53:22 pm ---I'd really like a diff tool that is very XML aware, and not just comparing text.

--- End quote ---
This is something we've been thinking about doing. A good start would be handling any attribute order. Maybe source diff could order the attributes on the right side based on the left side. Easier said than done for sure. Source diff would need special code for XML.

there's some open source ones   C++  Lesser GPL   Python,  MIT license    Java


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