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Change font in Find and Replace dialog
« on: November 24, 2021, 04:01:24 pm »
I never liked the variable width font in the "Find and Replace" dialog or the "mini-Find" dialog. Sure, you can get more characters in there. But, I find that I often have to edit a previous entry to fix a regex error or add regex to refine the search. Trying to place the cursor in the variable width font is just not fast when there are lower case 'l','i','t', and pipes '|' (ie: phil|lili|idle|tin). I would much prefer a fixed width font.

Also, maybe one click higher on the font size. Smaller font is OK for read only but slightly larger is good for edit. I do realize that there are some people that like to edit with very small font for editing as well; it's not my preference.

I had posted here some time ago about the font & color in the Find and Replace dialog:,18127.msg71359.html#msg71359

"jporkkahtc" replied that changing the dialog font would change the Find and Replace font. I never did figure out how to change the "dialog" font. I looked in Options->Colors but didn't see an entry for "dialog". Maybe I missed it.

Also, I find it worse when the background is red with the white text. A feature improvement would be:
1) The background is red from a failed search
2) The user clicks into the box to change\fix the search term
3) Upon that click into the box, the background goes back to the normal configured color as this is now a new search.

How do I change the dialog font to a fixed width font so the Find and Replace font is changed?
Or, is there a different way to change this in v26.0.0.6 (which I have)?


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Re: Change font in Find and Replace dialog
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2021, 04:48:51 pm »
To change the Dialog font:
Tools > Options > Appearance > Fonts > Application > Dialog