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Would very much appreciate being able to run Slickedit in Nvidia JetPack 4.x (Ubuntu 18.04 ARM64) environment, which is a widely used platform for embedded & ML development (Jetson TX2, Nano, Xavier, etc.).  RPi4 customers also benefit if running a 64-bit RPi Linux distro.

Sorry for digging up an old thread, but I'd like to also ask if there are any plans for an AARCH64 Linux version of Slickedit?  I'm running Ubuntu 22.04 for ARM in Parallels on an m1 Mac and it would be nice to run SE.

While I'm asking, I've also got Windows 11 for ARM in a VM.  The intel version of SE runs OK, but a native AARCH64 version would be nice. 

Same request.  Environment is Ubuntu linux on Parallels on an m2 Mac

Linux ARM64 support is at the head of the list of platforms we want to add.  This might make it for v28, but can't promise it just yet.


Thanks for the response.  Happy to be beta tester.


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