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type with auto and dynamic_cast<> not determined - C++

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Now it reproduces when I copy my entire original config dir to the new config dir INCLUDING all subdirectories.

I'll look into providing this to you. It may be very large.

I tarballed my entire 26.0.1 dir, including subdirs, and removed a few things. It still reproduces with this.

I sent a mail with a link to sstamp so he can download it and provide it to you.

I was only able to repro this by copying the entire 26.0.1 with its subdirs. I did this on Linux x64, so you'll probably have to do that too.

Also there are many 'vunxs2X.0.0.Xt.e/.ex' files in my config dir. Can I remove those? Seems like something brought over from a previous version? What are these files?

An easier way would be to run the following from the command line (with the cursor on 'derivedClassObj')


You will get a slew of output to the debug window, hit Ctrl+X in the debug to cut it to the clipboard.

You could also to to each symbol in the sample file and do a Ctrl+Dot.  The only options should be what you see in the current file.  I suspect it is picking up code from one of your C/C++ tag files which is defining DerivedClass to something that ultimately typedefs down to "char".

Look for codehelp.log on support.

I think whatever is in the tagfile should not impact this. 'auto' has the tightest scope and should override anything in tag files.

That log mentions /usr/include/rpcsvc/mount.h which has on the final line I post below (but not the final line of the file):

typedef char *name;

Don't know why SE is picking this up?

--- Code: ---/*
 * Please do not edit this file.
 * It was generated using rpcgen.


#include <rpc/rpc.h>

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

#define MNTPATHLEN 1024
#define MNTNAMLEN 255
#define FHSIZE 32

typedef char fhandle[FHSIZE];

struct fhstatus {
u_int fhs_status;
union {
fhandle fhs_fhandle;
} fhstatus_u;
typedef struct fhstatus fhstatus;

typedef char *dirpath;

typedef char *name;

--- End code ---


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