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Traverse to the end of a line repeatedly for a group of lines


Have you ever needed to traverse to the end of a line repeatedly for more than a single line?

Description:  This macro moves the cursor to the end of the line and, if already at the end, move it to the end of the next line.

Typically, you would map the "end" key to this macro and then you can repeatedly, hit the "end" key.

Looks like a good macro.
I'm not sure about this but if you add VSARG2_MULTI_CURSOR to the name-info list it might work for multiple cursors - dunno if that's useful though.

I like this concept.  Would you have any objection to me adding a similar command (end_line_then_down) to the next release of SlickEdit?  I would also want to add a "begin_line_then_up" command for symmetry (which would position on the first non-blank character).

Hehe, this command should really be named east-bound-and-down.

Good macro. Dennis, for me a matching prev_end_line makes more sense so can I "scroll" up and down at the end of the lines. I added the matching macro in the attached updated file.


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