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Smooth scrolling setings do not stick

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Running SlickEdit Pro 2021 (v26.0.1.0 64-bit Qt5)

When I set Options/Appearance/Scroll style/Smooth horizontal scroll (and vertical) to "ON", the setting remains for up to a day or so, but reverts to off.  I can't seem to correlate the un-set, but I inevitably notice it.  I tried not touching the options after I set them to ON; the settings still changed without my intervention.

I'll try to find an associated action, but for now they just revert from ON to OFF infrequently, but randomly.

Have you seen any Slick-C stacks?  There are some things that change this and change it back.

No stack popups.  No other problems editing, navigating, etc.  I just notice at one point arrow-cursoring up or down causes the "non-smooth jump," and the settings are set to OFF when I reopen the tools dialog.

The problem persists in v26.0.2.1 64-bit Qt5, Build Date: April 15, 2022, and is happening with greater frequency.
Are you saying you cannot reproduce this?

I cannot so far.  Can you send your Help>About information?


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