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Can you sort the entries here by how frequently the question is actually asked?
The most frequently asked questions should be on top.

Do you mean this forum,35.0.html

I hadn't even noticed there even was an FAQ forum.  How would you determine how frequently a question is asked?  I suspect I don't understand what you're asking.

Well, I assume that a FAQ must be based on hard data. ;D
How else can you determine what frequently asked questions are?

Ah, I suspect they date back to the pre forum days 16 years ago and came from the slickedit website which was probably created by product support people based on answering user queries all the time.  If they did one now they might come up with some new ones e.g. how to do remote GDB debugging with slickedit.

I still think a user maintained wiki would be useful for slickedit.

You can sort the posts by Views (or Replies, though Views is more interesting for a FAQ).


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