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Bookmark scrollbar markup not restored


I'm using on Win11. When I add a bookmark via the bookmarks tool window I get a little green mark next to the scroll bar for the location of the bookmark (I'm referring to the one that allows you to jump position, not the blue/green mark on  the left side). If I close Slickedit and reopen it and then restore the workspace the markups are gone (although the bookmarks are still there). New bookmarks will add their marks but not the existing ones.

I just noticed that after loading the workspace if I edit the file elsewhere and reload when SlickEdit prompts me the markups are restored.

I will add this to my list to look into (maybe not this week though).

I was able to reproduce this problem in 26.0.2.  This is not a hot-fixable issue. 

However, it is behaving correctly in the development version for the next release (v27, aka SlickEdit 2022).  Somebody clever must have fixed it.

Thanks for the update.


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