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Copy Code Block and scrolling


When slick brings up "Copy Code Block" it makes some attempt to scroll the entire block into view -- but it seems to be getting the math wrong in some cases.

Given the attached file, and on my screen I see 56 lines of text.

1. With line 1 at the top of the display and the <Controls> block is 42 lines long.
2. Press Ctrl+C on line 41: <Controls>
3. Slick scrolls so the top line is 28 of the file and "</Controls>" is visible.
    Seems pretty nice.
4. Add an extra blank line to make the <Controls> block be 43 lines and now on Ctrl+C Slickedit will not attempt to scroll the block into view.
Why not? There is plenty of room to do so.

1. Same as above. The <Controls> block is 42 lines long.
2. Make line 32 of the line be the top line displayed.
3. Press Ctrl+C on line 41
4. CopyCodeBlock appears -- seems OK.
5. Add one blank line to make <Controls> be 43 lines long.
6. Press Ctrl+C on line 41
7. CopyCodeBlock appears -- but this time slick edit scrolls to make line 1 be the top line of the display, hiding most of the <Controls> block.

The math seems to be sensitive to the size of the file, the size of the block and other factors I have not chased down.

Slick should scroll the entire block into view when possible.
Slick shouldn't scroll an entirely visible block down to hide part of it.

I'll add this to my list of things to look into.  Thanks for the thorough examples.

Fixed for next hot fix.


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