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Open files from Projects stop working

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Today, my slickedit commands "Open files from Projects", "Open files from Workspaces" stop working.  It just blinks the edit and edit becomes out of focus.
I am running Windows 11

What version of slickedit are you using?

If you type the command project-load on the command line does it work?

How long had the commands been working for before they stopped working?

Does the projects toolwindow show the workspace and project files correctly?

You could try this
Close slick
Rename vslick.sta in your config folder to vslick.bak
Start slick, see if it works.

It's possible there is more than one vslick.sta file in your system if you use multiple configurations  - but I couldn't really tell you how to deal with that off the top of my head.

It sounds like you may have accidentally turned on Command Line Prompting.  Check Tools > Options... > Keyboard and Mouse > Advanced > Command line prompting > OFF

Here is my version SlickEdit Pro 2020 (v25.0.2.0 64-bit)
The command line prompting is off.
I don't see the command line option.
It always works before. Normally I use Alt-B to bring up the dialog to select files from projects.
The projects tool windows show the workspace and project files correctly.
Anyway, now it works again since last Friday, without doing anything.  Maybe windows update fix that problem.

Maybe something to do with Alt-B.  If it happens again try the command what-is to see what the key binding for Alt-B is  - or try binding some other key combination.


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