Author Topic: bug in build/rebuild with dependencies ?  (Read 2649 times)


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bug in build/rebuild with dependencies ?
« on: July 27, 2007, 03:51:07 pm »
i just installed a trial of slickedit for linux. Its the best editor i've ever found for that OS, almost like visualstudio on win (i'm a vs addict) and i (my company) will surely buy it in the next days.
So, the problem i found is this :
i've made a workspace consisting of 3 projects (let's call A,B,C). They have dependencies set each other (let's say, project A is the main program which depends on project B (shared library), and project C is a shared library which in turn depends on project B). In the main program (prj A) i set dependencies to project C, which on build/rebuild should build them in this order : B,C,A.
Maybe there's some nesting problem, because every time i run build or rebuild project A it starts what seems an endless loop of errors in the console which after some minutes hangs the machine completely and i have to reboot.
I've linked the shared libraries with paths like this in the project/Libraries/options :
-L../../libname/lib . Have i did something wrong or its a bug ?
Of course, compiling without dependencies (or with dependencies without too much nesting as in the example) works.

Also, little suggestion : when you choose build/rebuild with the right click on the project, would be better if it build/rebuild/etc... the selected project. Instead, it always execute the action on the currently active one.

Let me know .....


i investigated further .... first of all i build with autogenerated makefiles.
when i set project dependencies, in the autogenerated makefile they appear as this :

# Build dependencies
   @(cd ../../../zr/ddr/liblinkedlist/;$(MAKE) -f Makefile CFG=$(CFG))

zr is a symlink to my svn workdir in ~/personal/work/
that could be the issue ?


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