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Multiple buffers with the same filename (2)


When there are multiple windows with the same file they get an identifier added in the tab, like: MyFile.x:1, MyFile.x:2

I'd like to see this with multiple buffers that have the same filename.
For example:
C:\src\repo1\subdir\MyCode.c (a)
C:\src\repo2\subdir\MyCode.c (b)

To me this is more important to distinguish than multiple windows with the same file.
Also, it is far more common (for me at least) -- I often have multiple copies of a repo and open the same file from two repos for comparison / reference.

Hmmm... the two features interacting:
C:\src\repo1\subdir\MyCode.c:1 (a)
C:\src\repo2\subdir\MyCode.c:1 (b)
C:\src\repo1\subdir\MyCode.c:2 (a)
C:\src\repo2\subdir\MyCode.c:2 (b)

Go to Tools->Options->Editing->Editor Window->Abbreviate file tab captions.  Turn it off.

Does that scratch your itch?

No ... all the files have exactly the same name, just a different path.


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