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Multiple buffers with the same filename (2)


When there are multiple windows with the same file they get an identifier added in the tab, like: MyFile.x:1, MyFile.x:2

I'd like to see this with multiple buffers that have the same filename.
For example:
C:\src\repo1\subdir\MyCode.c (a)
C:\src\repo2\subdir\MyCode.c (b)

To me this is more important to distinguish than multiple windows with the same file.
Also, it is far more common (for me at least) -- I often have multiple copies of a repo and open the same file from two repos for comparison / reference.

Hmmm... the two features interacting:
C:\src\repo1\subdir\MyCode.c:1 (a)
C:\src\repo2\subdir\MyCode.c:1 (b)
C:\src\repo1\subdir\MyCode.c:2 (a)
C:\src\repo2\subdir\MyCode.c:2 (b)

Go to Tools->Options->Editing->Editor Window->Abbreviate file tab captions.  Turn it off.

Does that scratch your itch?

No ... all the files have exactly the same name, just a different path.

To keep it compact, how would you like this instead of the full paths?


That is, just collapses the common path elements in the beginning and end to ...
If they have nothing in common, then you would see full paths, like this:


If that sounds good, I'll file a FR.  I would rather have it put in the path information than synthesize the artificial (a), (b), etc.

That would be kind of awesome.
Sort of like running intraline Diff and highlighting the differences.


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