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Editing dialogs..


If I edit one of the system dialogs (for example, _backup_history_browser_form) and then save it ... the new dialog def appears in the file vusrs26.0.2.1t.e.

Now if I edit this file manually, how do I load it for the changes to take effect?

And, how do I delete my changes and go back to the system default definitions?

OIC, I got it to load by typing "vusrs26.0.2.1t.e" on the command line.
Seems like other macro commands I'm not supposed to include the .e, but here it is required?

What I'm trying to do is make the splitters "_image _grabbar_horz" visible by changing their colors. Seems like 0x00808080 works OK for this.

Got me wonder though, how does slick know which colors to override when you change themes?
Are there special ABGR constants?
These seem to be popular colors.

I noticed that buttons don't seem to have colors, but labels do.
I tried adding a color to change button text, but it had no effect.


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