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VS Diff Lockup

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I am still not able to get it.  Are you prompted for Source Diff?

No. Nothing at all pops up and I cannot close VS using any graphical mean. I have to kill the process.

Can you check to see if the end of line characters match?  I get prompted about that, but it does work.  I'm wondering if it is hanging before it gets that far.

I'm trying 26.0.2 on  Ubuntu 18, which should be close to your setup.

They are different line endings indeed. The one file was generated from Windows (CRLF) and the other was Linux (LF). I saved the CRLF as LF and retried. When they were both LF it still locked up VS. I do not event get the dialog asking to convert line endings.

Try a clean config:

--- Code: ---vs +new -sc /tmp/testconfig&

--- End code ---

and use the default diff options to diff these files. Dan knows diff better than I do but I've been trying various diff options on Linux and haven't been able to reproduce a hang either.


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