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I need the (old msdos) "polymake" program to be able to compile a program package for msdos, because the "make" program is accusing a long sequence error, and there is no way to modify it, it doesn't work. Is it possible to send it to my email or provide a download link? I thank!

I don't think "polymake" was one of ours.

Polymake was a 16-bit product by a company called INTERSOLV.  32-bit Opus Make by Opus Software is supposed to run Polymake make files.  Neither company still exists.  It may be necessary to convert the make file to use a make tool that is still available (or cross compile from Linux back to MS-DOS).

I was pretty sure "Poly" was Intersolv/PVCS related (I think they were originally Polytron).

You could try setting up a project with SlickEdit's built-in build tool.

edwardn9, Where is possible download the "32-bit Opus Make by Opus Software"?

Dan, I dont understand how to do this. Is possible help me more clear?

Does SlickEdit's compile project for msdos? That is, use it to accept Makefile.mak and compile the sources to run under msdos, as they were made to run?



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