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I reviewed my MAKEFILE.MAK, and posted it just above. (June 13, 2022, 06:21:51 am) LOOK...

But it still doesn't work, giving error:
MAKE: warning U4014:usage...

and he ends up doing nothing.

Having nothing to do with the above error, but some programs are needing a library:
"Blaise Computing C Tools Plus", but I can't find it anywhere to download. Can someone help me?


There's some info about c tools here

there's a download here but you have to register and registration isn't working for me

also some info about c tools here

here's a download
There's a link on that page to a zip download that works - I've attached to this post.
The zip file contains some "arj" files which 7 zip knows how to uncompress.
It has header files, object files and lib files - dated 1989.

I recently discovered that POLYMAKE in addition to MAKEFILE.MAK, also uses a second file, BUILTINS.MAK: See my post up there, followed by the original MAKEFILE.MAK.

Of the two I compiled the current MAKEFILE from scratch, so that it is compatible with the traditional make used in MS C 5.1 for msdos.

But make still doesn't work, and neither does make -f MAKEFILE.MAK, Giving the same error:
MAKE: warning U4014:usage...

and he ends up doing nothing.

Graeme, Oh my God, 1000 thanks, you're the man! You can count on me for whatever you need, Thanks!

I'll see if it works with MS C, as this library is for Turbo C. And I still have to find out why make doesn't work with my MAKEFILE.MAK.

The MAKEFILE.MAK for some detail that I must be forgetting (some comma or sign not accepted by make), does nothing.
So I decided to compile by hand, "cl" by "cl", then "make" by "make", but when reaching the linker, it gives hundreds of errors, because maybe the LIB provided by "turbo c tools" is not compatible with the MS C.
So I guess I should keep looking for Blaise Computing's "c tools". Or find a way to make the "turbo c tools" libs compatible with MS C.

Anyone have a better idea?


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