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A file selected via Window->'select window' will not pop to the front


Hi All,
I work with many open files. My preferred method for selecting the next file to edit is open the 'select window' dialog via Window->'select window'.

The behavior I desire is for the selected file to pop to the front and take the focus.  In cases where the file is minimized the behavior is for the minimized file bar to pop to the front, if necessary, and to set the 'non-maximized' icon to bold. Now this isn't nothing, but, for me, it would be much better if this minimized file jumped out of minimized mode, moved to the front of the other open file windows, and took the focus. 

My guess is this behavior is available, but I will need to configure a Slick Edit setting.

What version of SlickEdit are you using, and what platform are you using it on?

SlickEdit Pro 2020 (v25.0.1.0 64-bit), running on Win10.

SlickEdit Support:
We should have a fix/workaround for you shortly.

We'll DM you with more info.

SlickEdit Support


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