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Short pauses when scrolling due to files tool window

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SE on Windows 10.
I have noticed that when scrolling editor buffers using the mouse wheel there are very short pauses before the text moves.  It's not consistent but very noticeable.  I usually have the files tool window docked to see a list of the current buffers, when I close that tool window the problem with the scrolling goes away.  With it closed, scrolling is very responsive. 
Why does having the files tool window open cause SE to pause slightly when scrolling?

The Files tool window scans the buffer list for changes. Although, it only updates when there are no mouse or keyboard events for .25 seconds and about 1 second has elapsed since the last update.

Are you using the scroll wheel quickly without pause or are you pausing for a little bit?

How many files do you have open?

Maybe the .25 seconds idle time elapsed needs to be increased to .5 seconds. With my testing, updates can occur if you aren't somewhat quick starting your next wheel scroll.

Updating the Files tool window isn't that expensive. What are the specs on your machine? Is it a laptop?

Hi Clark, thanks for your reply.

I imagine that .25 seconds would be short enough to cover the time to reposition my finger on the scroll wheel, so although it's trying to be continuous, it does have short pauses in it.

I have somewhere around 50 files open at the moment, although more than 100 isn't uncommon.

How do I increase the idle timer to .5 seconds, sounds like it would be worth a try.  Is there a preferences option for that?

My machine is a laptop, but it's not a particularly slow one. ( i7-9750H, 64GiB, 1TiB SSD).  It does have various corporate security applications running though, so I wouldn't be suprised in AV/AM is at play here.

This idle time elapsed isn't configurable. As a test, I just tried .5 seconds and then I wouldn't see any unexpected updates.

Attached is a tbfilelist.e for 26.0.2 with this tiny modification. Please give this a try and let me know how it works for you. You can load using Macro>Load Modules...

Hi Clark

Thanks for the mod, it's appreciated.  Scrolling seems a lot smoother now with the files window open.

Will this change make it into a future version of SE or maybe it could be exposed in the options dialog?


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