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Automatic key "bindings"
« on: August 02, 2022, 06:25:30 PM »
Creating new key bindings is always hard - not the mechanics, its mostly about deciding what keys to bind to (then later, remembering what you bound!)

MS Office has a nice shortcut system. Click ALT and shortcuts appear.
So in Outlook, click Alt, then invert color letters appear over different things -- making it easy to discover, for example, Alt+Q activates the search bar.

Another favorite of mine is WinKey+<digit>.
This is fantastic for quickly getting to the first 10 things in the taskbar in Windows.

Slickedit could do something like this for toolbars - making every toolbar have a set of automatic hotkeys.

Press Alt+V to activate version control toolbar, then 0...9 for the first 10 tools, or letters.

Or maybe, Alt+T: All open toolbars get a invert-color number (1...9).
So, Alt+T, 2: Activates the 2nd toolbar.
The 2nd toolbar now gets invert color letters or numbers to let you select the tool to run.