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Slickedit Pro v26.0.3.1 Never Finishes tagging

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Thanks again for all your help tracking down this problem.  I've found and fixed the problem, which did trace down to the assembly language parsing.  It will be fixed in the next drop of the v27 beta, as well as I'll see if I can get support to send you a patched DLL.

Is there any progress on this? Is the beta version available or the updated DLL?

I sent you a patched DLL on 8/16/22.  My guess is it landed in your trash folder since it was a rather large zip file.  The problem will also be addressed in V27 Beta2 when that comes out.

I have an Undeliverable in my Junk mail on 8/5/2022. Nothing on the 16th. Do you have another method of delivery?


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