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Overview refreshing.


Same setup again, file: C:\Program Files\SlickEdit Pro 27.0.0 Beta1\macros\gnudef.e

Two marks visible, for "defmain()" and Top Of File.

Delete lines 101 to end of file (select block, delete).
Goto top of file.

Select and delete lines 14 to 56.

The mark for "defmain()" disappears.

It doesn't reappear until I try to scroll or edit...
Hm... seems more complex.
Follow the link for a video of a slightly more complex refresh issue.!AqILDwqUDsFYi59ZlkA4E7vJRLDi2w?e=BD7tB7

(Hm... the audio might not play correctly unless you download it then play).

Is Live Diff on for the .e extension?  Try shutting it off for .e files by going to View > Slick-C view options.

Which option(s) are you turning on and off?  I couldn't see the menu, and if you mentioned it in the audio I could not hear it.

LIve diff is not enabled.
"Show Symbols Outline"
Sorry about the audio quality - that really is bad :-)


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