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mouse wheel scroll should scrol buffer as is (not from location of cursor)

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Hello there,
This is something I find really annoying since early versions of SE and I am wondering if this could be managed one way or another.
- open a file, big enough to not be visible without scrolling
- scroll to the end of the file and place your cursor here
- use the mouse and scrollbar to scroll up so that the cursor is no longer visible
- here is the interesting part: place your mouse over the buffer and use the wheel to continue your action of scrolling up
Expected : the buffer continues to scroll up
Seen: the buffer is scrolled back to the part of the file where the cursor is located and then scroll starts from there.

It is very destabilizing...
So could there be a way to tune this ?

I can't reproduce this. For me, using the wheel to continue to scroll up does exactly that, it continues to scroll up. It does not start from the cursor position. There must be some extra magic needed for this to happen (config,mouse,mouse driver???).

Try a default config:

--- Code: ---vs +new -sc c:\temp\new-config-dir

--- End code ---

Damned you are right, it works as I wish it would work !
Any idea of some setting that could alter this ?
I am thinking of any option to make the cursor remain visible while you scroll : it is how it behave if I scroll only with the wheel or with the keyboard.

I don't know of a setting for SlickEdit to keep the cursor visible when scrolling but SlickEdit has so many options that I could be wrong  ;D

It does because the cursor vanishes upon scroll (with a brand new config as you suggested) and remains on first or last visible line with my config.
I am quite sure this is related.
Point is I can't either find this option back...


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