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Opening projects with about 90k files significantly slower on v27?

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 :'( Hi there,

I have a project that took about 20s to open on v26 (spinny ball on MacOS) after everything loaded before I can start typing.

This time has been increased significantly with the new v27: It seems it is close to two minutes now.

The workspace has about 4750 projects with a total of about 90k files.

Is there an easy fix? Or something I can help profile this?

Thank you!

Are you using wildcard projects ?  How many files do you have actually open?  That is, how many files are restored when you open the project?  Look at the Files tool window / Buffers. 

You can profile where it is spending time by closing the workspace, then going to Macro > Start Slick-C Profiling, then re-opening the workspace, then going to Macro > Slick-C Profiler > Save... to save the results of the profiling session.

Try closing the Project tool window. This will have a large effect in the amount of time it takes to initially open your workspace. There isn't supposed to be a difference in performance between 26 ad 27. I'll check. The Project tool window isn't that useful for very large projects like this. You can open files from your project using the Open tool window or Files tool window. 

Does your SlickEdit workspace (.vpw) file have 4750 SlickEdit project files (.vpj) files in it? I'm guessing these are build components but not actual .vpj files.

I tested a wildcard project with ~67500 files in it (workspace with only one .vpj file in it). It definitely doesn't take more time in v27 than v26 to open this large test wildcard project (about 22 seconds for each on Intel mac mini). When I close the Projects tool window and restart the delay was reduced to 0.

I also tested the same project as a static (non-wildcard) file list. No need to close the project tool window when you use a static file list. Delay is only 1-2 seconds. This is because static file lists folders and files are cached better. There is a wildcard cache along with quite a few optimizations but it's still not enough to match static folders and files.

Thanks Dennis and Clark for all the pointers.  Will do some digging and report back.


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