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Opening projects with about 90k files significantly slower on v27?

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Can you reduce the number of projects? I created a workspace with 4300 projects and I'm seeing a number of performance issues. I suspect I'm seeing worse performance than you because my machine isn't as fast as yours and some of my tests are with debug builds. I'd recommend reducing the number of projects to under 500 hundred.

I will look into improving this but it's looking like a lot of code has performance problems with this many projects.

Thanks for being able to repro.  And yeah, maybe I can find a way to trim things.  It is just sooooo convenient to be able to switch back and forth in a super fine grained manner.

I will give it a whirl, because in the end, I don't need to context switch _that_ much.

For 27.0.1 I've added a cache for the ActiveConfig. For me, this reduced the time in _workspace_opened_rte to about 1.3 seconds in a debug build. This cache also fixes the bad performance problem with using the Files tool window to list Workspace files (Project>Open Files from Workspace...). I also added timeouts for a couple places where it just wasn't necessary to list everything if it's going to take forever (file completion and listing all projects in the menu).

Thanks for the follow up and improvements Clark, can't wait to try them out :-)


Hi Clark,

I just installed 27.0.1 AND IT IS SOOOOOOOO MUCH FASTER!

Thank you!


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