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Opening projects with about 90k files significantly slower on v27?

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I went ahead and profiled my project open.  I can see it takes a long time, but I don't see why that is.  Does this ring a bell to anyone?  (See attachment).

If this was a project migrated from an earlier release of SlickEdit, try removing the workspace ".vpwhist" file (or renaming it just to set it aside).  Also worth noting before deleting it just how large it was.  From the profiling I see it spent a significant amount of time in a single call to "_ini_find_section()" which is only possible if the history file was very large (or on a terribly slow disk).  Clark made some optimizations to the history file and how we save and restore the file cache.

Thanks for the pointer.

I found a 740kb .vpwhistu file.  Let me see if it helps removing it.

Also, yes Clark, the project has 4750 .vpj files.  I generate them using a script to break down things into smallish projects.

Removing the .vpwhistu files brought down project open to 18s.

However, immediately closing and reopening the project brings it back to 3min.


Ah, looks like the culprit is


Returning 0 right away makes things super fast and it seems it is all in support for Java RTE, which I don't care about as long as the custom RTE work.

All happy now.


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