Author Topic: Downloading from SlickEdit registered products is VERY slow or not working?  (Read 243 times)


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Is it just me or is there anyone else experiencing issues downloading SlickEdit from:
My Account->Registered Products->Product Download

When I try selecting one of the platforms to download, the download shows >2 hours to download and eventually fails to download? I heard there were some DNS issues with SlickEdit, but it seems to be an issue.


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Download speeds look okay on our end.
Is it still slow for you?
Not sure what DNS issues you are referring to.

Things to check:
Are you on a slow VPN connection?
Try a speed test site (,
If you're at home, is there a family member hogging bandwidth?
Try clearing your browser cache.
Try a different browser.
Try a different internet connection if available (e.g. smartphone hotspot, etc.).

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