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Using on macOS Ventura 13.0.1 I am unable to dock windows.  I no longer see the yellow dock location indicators when dragging  either source windows or tool windows.  I can dock tool windows using the dock context menu item but I am not able to move them.

I tried it with a clean configuration and I see the same thing.

Is this an issue with Ventura?

I see no problems with docling tools or windows, either source or any other.

I'm running Ventura on an ARM machine. From now on, at least for a few years, we will need to specify if running on ARM or Intel, for either macOS or Windows (I do run ARM Windows 11 too). There can be differences. Another consideration is if running ARM or Intel binaries (when under ARM Windows or macOS).

If you have a problem on Ventura, download the 27.0.0 installer again (reinstall). The initial 27.0.0 installers had some issues on Ventura.


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