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Vertical size of documents tabs

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Is there a way to change the vertical size of the documents tabs? On a 4K monitor (macOS) they are very short, almost just space for the text. On my notebook (much less real state) they are relatively taller and nicer.

thanks in advance!

yes, there is a way.  In tools -> options -> font -> application -> document tabs.  Choose a larger font.

Looks like you have to restart SlickEdit after changing the Document Tab font in order for the changes to take effect.

Thanks for the suggestion, but as I said, "almost only the space for the text". I'm talking about adding vertical space around the text, so making the text bigger is not what I'm looking for.

Take a look at the attached image to see the difference. The "larger" window is from a 14" MacBook (3024x1964) and the "smaller" one is from a 4K display attached to a Mac Studio (3840x2160). For some reason, when Slickedit vertically sizes the tabs based on the display size and it becomes cramped between the toolbar and the source window.

On the MacBook, are you using scaling or native resolution?  Check macOS > System Settings > Displays > choice for "Larger Text ... More Space"

Actually, I probably do not need to ask.  I can reproduce this issue if I change my Display setting to the middle setting.  I will look into this.


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