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Vertical size of documents tabs

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Sorry for the late reply. It does not matter if I change the resolution: on the 4K display it "scales" proportionately, so the vertical "blank" space remains the same relative to the font size. On the Macbook, it also scales proportionately and it remains with "extra" blank vertical space, no matter the "scaling resolution" that is set.

The interesting point is that on both cases, the end result is not good: on the larger 4K display, the vertical margins are too small making it difficult to read (on a 32" 4K display, even if I increase the font size). On the Macbook, it's easily readable, but there is a tremendous waste of space (vertical margins too big). Adding the excess in both margins could account for an extra displaty line in the source window. On a "small" notebook display, this extra line is a nice bonus.


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