Author Topic: Strange behavior in "Files" tab after closing file that is active in editor  (Read 207 times)


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Heres a strange situation I've gotten into.

Say you have 5 files open in the editor: 1.log .. 5.log

Make 3.log the active editor window.

Pretend that this is a logfile that keeps getting updated. When the prompt comes up about it being a modified buffer choose "Never reload selected".

Then from time to time refresh it manually with 'revert_or_refresh' or macro.

Then in the Files tool window highlight 3.log and press 'delete' key, even though 3.log is the active editor window.

The file is still in the editor and has a tab, but may not be in the Files tool window anymore.

Should SlickEdit close that file in the editor window even though you have it open? Or prompt the user to say they want to close a file that is the active editor window? Or silently leave it in the Files tool window?

Do some other work for a while, opening new files editing etc. The 3.log does eventually appear in the "Files" tool window.

But when clicking on the 3.log in the Files tool window, it doesn't appear.

I also notice over time working that I have 2 tabs of 3.log, but clicking the entry for it in the Files tool window does not open it.

Seems that closing the file via "Files" tool window while it is in the active editor window messes up things.
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This will take a little time to look into.