Author Topic: Right-click on a symbol selects a character and brings up wrong pop-up menu  (Read 2652 times)


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When I right-click on a symbol to bring up the pop-up menu for "go to definition..." or "go to reference..." Slickedit often selects a character and then brings up the wrong pop-up menu.  I clear the selection and re-right-click on the symbol, and sometimes I get the right menu, other times it keeps selecting a char and then brings up the wrong menu.  Sometimes Slickedit seems to get sort of stuck in this mode, and it takes a while to get the right pop-up.  This gets extremely frustrating!  Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?  The undesired behavior seems to come and go at random. I have run into this with previous versions of Slickedit as well.

Current version: SlickEdit Version


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If your mouse wanders a bit during when you right-click, the gesture could be interpreted as a right-click and drag, which by default is used to create a block selection.  You can turn this option off by going to Tools > Options > Editing > Selections.