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activate_tool_window() activates SlickEdit when it is not the active window

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I made a local patch to toolwindow.e to make the default of set_focus to false in activate_tool_window().

After this patch the showResults() was still taking the focus! Don't understand why?


--- Quote from: Dennis on January 04, 2023, 04:42:59 pm ---There is an active_tool_window() deeper down the call chain in showResults().  I can put in a fix for this.  Thanks for the specific test case, things like this are really difficult to track down without some starting point to reproduce it.

--- End quote ---

I don't think you can fix this issue. My tracing indicates that showResults() only calls active_tool_window() if the Search Results tool window isn't displayed. The act of displaying the Search Results tool window will give SlickEdit application focus.

SE seems to take focus when I haven't used my Linux desktop for a while, such as when I come back in the morning. I made a terminal window the focus and soon after starting work in the terminal window SE grabbed application focus. All I did was try to type in my terminal window first thing in the morning then SE took application focus interrupting my work.

It seems familiar like this has happened before.

Maybe SE noticed my mouse moving over it or it noticed it lost focus (I made the terminal window the focus, maybe SE had the focus before that?).

Just to clarify, are you using the Qt4 or Qt5 edition of SlickEdit for Linux Intel?

I'm using Qt4. The Qt5 version isn't available on the "Registered Products" page. How to get that? I think I'd rather use Qt5 anyway.

I'm using Linux x64 on Intel.


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