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activate_tool_window() activates SlickEdit when it is not the active window

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SlickEdit Support:
PM sent.

SlickEdit Support

It happened again first thing in the morning work day. This time when SE took focus I got the "Reload Modified Files" window. Perhaps SE checking if opened files are modified is making SE grab the focus?

Also I'm using the QT5 version, so it is happening with qt5 as well.

I will put in a workaround for the next hot fix to prevent auto-reload from grabbing focus.

Thanks Dennis!

Looks like the application is also given focus if I do Project->Open Workspace, then navigate away from SE to another window. When workspace is finally opened SE gets the application focus.

Does SE team know what is the cause of all this and the fix? Should I keep reporting when I find times SE gets application focus or is this already understood by SE team and fix is known?


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