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activate_tool_window() activates SlickEdit when it is not the active window

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Just took a closer look at showResults() and see it is calling "activate_window()" and not "activate_tool_window()".

Still the search results is making SE grab the focus when I don't want it to.

How to fix that?

Perhaps the activate_window() function should not have SE grab the focus, but only activate the window within SE withing having the entire SE grab the focus?

Looks like activate_window() is a builtin so not hot fixable?

I tried a long search and at the end SE didn't grab the focus.

However my macro which calls showResults() inside of SearchResults.e - that does seem to grab the focus, don't understand why?

Also shouldn't the default value of set_focus in the call to activate_tool_window() be false and not true? I see many calls to activate_tool_window() in se macros without setting set_focus to false?

There is an active_tool_window() deeper down the call chain in showResults().  I can put in a fix for this.  Thanks for the specific test case, things like this are really difficult to track down without some starting point to reproduce it.

Thanks Dennis.

That will fix this instance, but what about others? I recollect SE taking focus other times but I wasn't looking out for when.

Maybe the best solution is to change the default of set_focus in activate_tool_window to false?

Otherwise we are going to end up tracking down many activate_tool_window() that are setting the focus?


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