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Searching in VSDelta


I've frequently searched in ~/Documents/Slickedit/VSDelta/...
Sometimes I know I wrote some bit of code, but I just can't remember which file!
Searching VSDelta is handy because it limits searching to only those files that I have edited, and it will find text that may have been deleted.

Searching in VSDelta works, but is not exactly user friendly.
Slick Find could support this directly.
Search results could
1. have paths to the actual files (instead of the vsdelta files) - when the text is found in the current version of the file on disk.
2. Open the correct history version "File.bat - Version 4 of C:\bin\File.bat"

3. When there are matches in multiple versions of the file the Search result could present the file as a folder with each matching version a file inside that folder.

Of course it would sort the results first by path, then descending version numbers when the text is file in multiple versions of the same file.

This is on my list but not yet attached to a specific version.


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