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Files dropdown doesn't close when a file is selected - 27.0.1

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The "Files" dropdown at the far right of the buffer tabs (the little down arrow) used to close its popup when I selected a file and switched to it for editing.  In 27.0.1 it doesn't.  I have to click the down arrow icon again to close it.

Which platform?  Could you enumerate the exact steps you do?  (I mean exact steps, for example, "single click with mouse on down arrow", "move over item", "single click on item").  There are numerous ways to invoke that file drop-down and numerous ways to interact with it.  Also, could you test to see if this happens with a default configuration:  "vs +new -sc /tmp/defcon1"

This is on Windows 10 with hotfix 2 installed.

Steps to reproduce are simple:

* Single left click on down arrow icon -> dropdown list appears.
* Single left click on one of the files in the list -> current tab switches to selected file but the dropdown list doesn't go away.  Also, the previously active file remains bold in the dropdown list.  In 27.0.0 the dropdown list would go away at this point.This same issue is observed when starting from a default configuration.

OK, reproduced.  Now to figure out what's going on...  This does not happen on other platforms.

Good to hear.


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