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I am trying to replicate a feature that I used in UE that stores the text or item you are searching for in a buffer so that when you switch files an F3 continues looking using the same criteria.  When writing/debugging VHDL it is helpful because it allows you to follow the signal throughout the design.  Currently I can F3 in the file I am currently searching, but if I switch files it acts like it is switching to a separate buffer.  Anyone know how to enable this in SE?


A few questions may shed some light on the subject:

* What version of SlickEdit are you using?
* What emulation are you using?
* What type files are these?  I assume they have a .vhd or .vhdl extension, correct?

Hi Dan,
I am using the latest Slickedit version with an eclipse emulation.  Yes these are .vhd files.

If you go to Help>What is Key... and press the F3 key, what command name does it say at the bottom of the editor?

command quick search


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