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AutoTagging For Java Didn't Work - How To Do It Manually?


SlickEdit 2011 (v16.0.3.0 64-bit)
Linux Mint 21.1
Configuration Directory: /home/steve/.slickedit/16.0.3/

I have the existing installation above.  For some reason AutoTagging never worked for Java.

This is what I get with Tools > Tag Files:

The JDK is in my PATH:

--- Code: ---Mint21.1VeraCinnamon5.6.6> echo $PATH

--- End code ---

How can I get SlickEdit to setup for Java the way it detected and setup for C?

Thanks for any clues.

Recognize first that you are using a version of SlickEdit that was shipped 10 years before Java 18, so this might be good time to upgrade.

But you can manually create a Java tag file.  Tools > Tag Files > New..., then select Java as the language.  I don't recall if v16 had the guided dialog for creating a language specific tag file, if not, just create the empty tag file, then click on "Add Files" and add src.jar from your JDK installation directory.

That worked!  Thank you!

For the sake of anyone who may have a similar question and who may arrive here by a search engine:

On my system

Mint Linux 21.1
OpenJDK 19

That path was



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