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Disassembly listing disappears

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Hi, using SE 27.0.1 (with HF 2) on macOS 13.2 with m1 CPU.

I am debugging a C/C++ project and am stepping through the code.  I selected the Debug>Show Disassembly menu item and the disassembled code appeared in the editor window as expected.  However, about 2 seconds later the disassembly listing was removed leaving me with just the C++ code.  The Show Disassembly menu item still has a checkmark.

Selecting the menu item another two times (once to clear the checkmark and another to enable it again) shows the disassembled code once more and, again, after about 2 seconds it disappears again.

Is there something I'm doing or a configuration option that would cause this?


Do you have Version Control > Live Diff enabled?

I do indeed have live diff enabled, would that be the cause of this?

Definitely, Live Diff should be disabled (it should disabled itself) in debug mode.  Live Diff and debugger assembly both reset and insert imaginary lines, there is no realistic way for both of them to get along at the same time.  I'll have the Diff guy put in a fix for this.  Thanks for pointing this out.

I disabled live diff and it works fine now, thanks for the quick reply, it's appreciated.
It would be nice if live diff could be suspended automatically whilst debugging.


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