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Messages when debugging Python


I get the following messages that seem to be caused by python code that is supplied by SE. What is the explanation here?

--- Code: ---C:\Users\ebbe\projects\myproject\test>C:\Python311\python.exe -u -Xfrozen_modules=off  "C:\Program Files\SlickEdit Pro 27.0.1\resource/tools/ptvsd" --host --port 5678 --wait "C:\Program Files\SlickEdit Pro 27.0.1\resource/tools/ptvsd/" C:\Users\ebbe\projects\myproject\test\test_config\ ConfigLoad
C:\Program Files\SlickEdit Pro 27.0.1\resource\tools\ptvsd\_vendored\pydevd\ DeprecationWarning: currentThread() is deprecated, use current_thread() instead
  curr_thread_id = get_current_thread_id(threadingCurrentThread())
C:\Program Files\SlickEdit Pro 27.0.1\resource\tools\ptvsd\_vendored\pydevd\ DeprecationWarning: isDaemon() is deprecated, get the daemon attribute instead
  if not t.isDaemon() or hasattr(t, "__pydevd_main_thread"):

--- End code ---

SE running on Windows 10, fully updated including hotfix 2.

And in case someone is wondering about this option:
--- Code: ----Xfrozen_modules=off
--- End code ---
It  turns off a bunch of warnings about not being able to find frozen files. It is a workaround for a bug in pydev and it was suggested by than Guido van Rossum (no less).

The Pydev debugging backend was put in a couple of years ago.  This is the first time I've seen a report on these deprecations, and looking at the versions of Python I have on my dev systems, I'm going to guess these came into effect for Python >= 3.10. 

I'll take a closer look at it later.  I'm not up to date on what's happened with the pydevd backend since Microsoft decided to switch away from it to what appeared to be a renamed fork.  So I might be able to pull updates that address the warnings, or I might just need to patch it myself.

Thanks for the report. 

Seeing that python is now at version 3.11.5, has anything been done about this?
Maybe in SE 28 - which I'll admit I haven't looked at yet.

I just built Python 3.11.5 and checked with v28, and no warnings.

I am missing the change to have the debugger add that -Xfrozen_modules flag automatically for 3.10 and above if it's not already in the command line.   I'll check that in for the next beta drop.

Thank you


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