Author Topic: Linux Mint mis-reading one of my Slickedit hotkeys after upgrading from 20 to 21  (Read 2511 times)


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I'm pretty sure this is a Linux Mint issue and not a SlickEdit issue, but I'm hopeful that a forum full of power users for the software where I see an issue are more likely to have hit this and be able to help me...

I originally setup my system with Linux Mint (Cinnamon) on version 20.1. All was well. A few months ago I upgraded in-place to 21, and since then my Ctrl+. key chord has not been working.

When I hit Ctrl+. in Slickedit, instead of running push-tag, it pops up an underscored e character on the screen and steals input until I hit enter. If I go into Slickedit's key bindings screen and search by key sequence and hit Ctrl+. in that box, it also pops up the underlined e and steals input until I hit enter.

At first I assumed it was a locales issue, and I spent some time switching between and regenerating locales, but that didn't seem to help.

I have recently spent more time investigating. I found in the Mint desktop hotkey controls that entering that keystroke, it reports it as "Control L" (which is different than "Ctrl+L").

I cannot for the life of me figure out which new program or app or setting is causing this particular key chord to be misread, but it is apparently system-wide.

Did anyone else ever bump into this after upgrading Mint from 20.x to 21.x? Any ideas on other places to search?