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Diff Colors
« on: May 23, 2023, 03:52:33 PM »
Did you know you can modify the colors used in the Diff editor (DiffZilla)?

In recent releases, we revamped the Diff colors to make them more subtle and easy to read.  Maybe you liked the old colors, or maybe you want to fine-tune them even more because you visualize "Imaginary" text as cloud white instead of sky blue.  You can change it, it's easy if you try:

Go to Tools > Options... > Appearance > Colors, then scroll down in the list to "Diff Editor/Modifications" and there they are.

Here's a hack that I like.  (It works very well on macOS with the Fira Code font, your mileage may vary).  I change the foreground color for "No Save Line" to match the background color for "No Save Line" using the color picker.  This makes the text "Imaginary Buffer Line" shown in Diff nearly invisible.  You'd think it *would* be invisible, but because of antialiasing, you can see a very subtle imprint of the text.  I like this in the Diff editor and Live Diff because I find the loud "Imaginary Buffer Line" text to get in the way of reading the actual source code.