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Help! slickedit suddenly hang very often

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Hi, there. I've been a new user for slickedit 10.0.3 Linux version for one month. It's a great tool, helping me improve the programming efficiency a lot. However, I got troubles since last night when I was using. The slickedit IDE window continues to hang up after a couple minutes, and the CPU usage reaches almost 100%. I have to kill the process by force. The problems happens again and again and drives me mad. Can anyone give some hints on this issue?

I've tried to delete the old version and reinstall. I've also tried to install the new copy into another disk but the problem persists. Please help. Thank you so much!

What are you doing (or trying to do) when the IDE hangs on you? Whenever I see someone state "the CPU reaches 100%", most of the time the problem is in the evaluation of a mal-formed regular expression while doing a search/search and replace, or parsing the build output for errors with a custom expression. I'll post a top-level topic on the board addressing this issue in a moment.

I don't use SE on Linux very much, but perhaps others out there might have some suggestions on things to watch out for.

Phil Barila:
Malformed regex searches are not the only reason that happens.  I haven't used v11 on Linux yet, but I've seen v10 for both Linux and Windows hang for a few minutes, then come back.  Although I had a couple of times on Linux where it hung forever.  I've never reported it because I could never reliably reproduce it, but I think it was related to "Show info for symbol under mouse".

I see something similar several times a day, and I've noticed it since v10. For no apparent reason, SlickEdit will lock up and not respond to screen repaints for maybe 15-20 seconds, then it comes back completely responsive. I haven't figured out any reason for it or reliable way to reproduce it, but it happens all the time.

check background tagging:  frequency and number of files


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