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Help! slickedit suddenly hang very often

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Phil Barila:

--- Quote from: buggyfunbunny on July 31, 2006, 06:58:46 pm ---check background tagging:  frequency and number of files

--- End quote ---
Doesn't "background tagging" suggest a background task, that is, one that doesn't hang the GUI?


I have a similar problem. When I start SE and rebuild my project and the compiler encounters an error SE locks up. I then have to kill the SE process (vs). When I restart SE and start a debug session before doing a rebuild everything works fine afterwards (rebuilds with compiler errors don't lock up SE).

1) start SE
2) rebuild the (non active) shared library project that contains
    an sourcecode error (--> compiler will complain).
3) SE hangs
4) In that state I can see multiple tcsh processes taking up a considerable amount of processor time (ca. 10 %) and a vs process using about 20% CPU time. With every killed SE process I get one additional tcsh process.

My platform:
- SuSE Linux 9.2
- SlickEdit for Linux 11.0.1
- Workspace containing 2 GNU C/C++ projects
  (shared library and an executable)

I can reproduce this problem reliably, so if anyone is interessted in some log files, let me know.


SlickEdit Support:
Hi jaykay,

This is a different issue and there's a fix for this.  You can find the fix file and relevant information at this post:

Post if this doesn't solve the problem for you.

SlickEdit Support


There are a number of things that could be causing this for you so here are a number of questions that will get us started in the right direction. 

Please send your answers to :

Do you remember if you were typing ".", "->", space, or open paren when this happened?
Do you remember what it was that you might have been doing when you see the lock-up?  Build, Debug, Project setup, coding?
What language are you working in?
    And you've created a Workspace and Project within SlickEdit correct?
    How big is the project?  (5, 50, 500, 5000 source files?  Just an "about" number so we have an idea what we're dealing with.)
    Where are your source files located?  Local?  Network?  Version Control?

Also include the information from Help-->About SlickEdit-->"Program Information" tab-->Copy to Clipboard.

SlickEdit Support

Hi SlickEdit Support,

thanks for the reply. Replacing the slickedit\macros\error.e with the version that you provided and reloading it, solved the problem.

Thanks again




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