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Find In Files - Directory - Browse window half off-screen


I requested this years ago and I'm sure that this complaint has been lost in the tons of other improvements SE has made in that time. This issue is especially annoying to me (apparently I have an OCD trigger??  :) ). Anyway, I keep the search dialog docked on the left side of the screen (probably doesn't affect this issue).
1) Select Find In Files tab
2) Select directory
3) The subsequent Browse dialog is ALWAYS OFF-SCREEN. The first thing that has to be done EVERY TIME is move onto the screen and/or resize it.
4) See attached image

I have seen other programs that use this same type of dialog and they always come up off-screen too. Maybe there is something about the implementation of this type of dialog that does not give the programmer location and size control when creating the dialog? I am not a UI programmer so I can only theorize that that's the case.

I saw in another post you are on a laptop with an external monitor. What happens if the external monitory is disconnected?  I'm just curious.

Is it centered between the two monitors?  Or off of the current one? Or off of both?

I just tried it on a different laptop without external monitors. The Browse dialog is completely on-screen. I am always working with external monitors so I don't know if I never tested that... Or, when something happens normally, it just doesn't mentally register?

That said, I do see an issue on the laptop with no monitor. The dialog opens to small to be useful. So, the first thing the user has to do is resize it an possibly move it. Also, the laptop I tested on is a newly issued laptop so I don't have any projects on it yet. Therefore, the dialog opened with centered at the SlickEdit Pro directory. Not sure what directory it would have gone to if a project was open.

Whenever possible, SE should try to predict the user's next need. That is, make the dialog big enough so that resize is not necessary, remember the last location the user placed the dialog (may they like it there), etc.....

It looks like it probably has the current directory selected.

What is the resolution on your notebook?

Both laptops and both external monitors, attached to one of the laptops, are all 1920x1080.


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