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Surely someone else must've asked for this before, but a search hasn't turned up anything...

I start editing in a project and open a file or two. As time goes on I open more files, and before long the list of open files is wider than the Slickedit window - instead of just clicking one of those tabs (in the file tab toolbar) I resort to popping open the projects toolbar to select a file! So eventually I will remove tabs I've not opened for some time, and then curse when it turns out to be the file I want next.

So, my request is for file tab collections. What I envision is some popup dialog which will let you save the currently open files and tabs under some user-defined name (note: this is the list of files and tabs, not saving the contents of the files). At some point the user can pop up the dialog and select a previously saved set of files/tabs which will replace the ones currently open/showing for the project.

Perhaps an additional option in workspace properties might do it too or instead.

macros save_named_files and load_named_files might do what you want,17865.msg69981.html#msg69981

also, when you need to close some files, probably you already know, but if you set file tab sort order to "most recently viewed", you can close files that you haven't viewed for a while.  Another thing is that at the right hand end of the file tabs there is a drop-down list that shows you all the files you have open in that window.

Ah! save-named-files (which you told me about before, but which I wasn't looking for then) seems to do exactly the right job. Thanks!

I know about the drop down on the right, but it's not that useful (except where you have so many files open you can't see them all on the tab bar). You can't, for instance, multi-select to close. So initially I thought I just wanted a better and quicker way to reduce the number - F3 in the tab bar works, but it just reduces the number and doesn't discriminate which files are being closed (unless you take your time over it). But then I realised I wanted a specific set so it's opening stuff as well as closing. Perhaps having a defined set depending on which part of the project I'm working on, and the xxx-named-files macros do that.


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