Author Topic: beta 4 qt5 linux - crashes  (Read 265 times)


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beta 4 qt5 linux - crashes
« on: October 23, 2023, 09:28:38 AM »
Running the linux/amd64 qt5 build of beta4 since Saturday morning, I've encountered the following issues:
  • Heap corruption SIGABRT following: "malloc(): unaligned fastbin chunk detected". Happened three times so far with beta4.
    I tried catching this with a few debug heap libraries in beta3, but no luck, guessing that these libs alters the timing enough to hide whatever race condition causing it. Googling the message doesn't show up too much, but a use-after-free bug in qtcreator involving QMenu instances was one of the hits. I wouldn't think it's QMenu related here, but more likely context tagging the issue seems to happen right after starting slickedit or when actively editing code. I've got three core dumps for this if someone is interested.
  • This isn't a crash, but it's relevant for the next item. But, when I'm moving (or maybe editing) around in a source file, SlickEdit suddenly stops processing keyboard input. It does recognizes Alt-F4, but little else. Mouse input works. Has happened 3-4 times the last two days and several times daily with beta3 as well.  The only fix I've found is to restart SlickEdit.
  • Just now SlickEdit crashed with RIP=0x0000000000000062 and seven entries on the call stack. What preceded this was that I thought I'd spotted the previous problem and hastily clicked the close title bar button on SlickEdit. So, I don't know if the crash happened because of the closing or not.  Only time I've seen this one, though.
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